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Post-Baby Body Blog Part 4 (Prolapses After Birth)

What is exactly a prolapse?

When we are hear the word “prolapse” we often think worst case scenario – organs falling out, unsightly vaginas, and you can throw the idea of enjoyable sex out the window, right?


If you have been diagnosed with a prolapse recently, this blog is a great overview for what to expect. And most of all don’t worry!

Let’s begin.


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Post-Baby Body Blog Part 3 (Clogged Milk Ducts)

Clogged milk ducts and how physical therapy can help:

Within the first three months of my breastfeeding journey, I had two bouts of mastitis with a fever. Mastitis is more common than you might think – some studies have reported incidence as high as 33% in lactating women. I was able to avoid taking antibiotics on both occasions using self-care techniques, which I will review in this blog. However, sometimes self-care techniques aren’t enough. (Lactating breasts can be very stubborn.)

During this blog, I am going to debunk some well-known assumptions about clogged ducts/mastitis and explain why physical therapy can be an excellent avenue for treatment.


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