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Julie received her Physical Therapy degree from Mount Saint Mary’s College in 1987.  She received her Masters and Clinical Doctorate in Bio-kinesiology and Physical Therapy in 2000 and 2002 from USC.

After earning her doctorate, Julie was recruited by USC because of her experience owning and operating Feminine Focus, an OB/GYN Women’s Health practice in San Dimas, California. At Feminine Focus, Julie treated women for individual physical therapy and lead pre and postpartum fitness classes, both in the pool and in the studio.

Julie Reynolds-Gillespie PT, DPT

At USC, Julie started the first university based Women’s Health practice in the nation.  Here she taught Women’s Health, Clinical Neurology and Anatomy.  Along with teaching, Julie helped open a Comprehensive Continence Center where she worked closely with USC physicians from the Urology and Colorectal Department to develop a protocol for pelvic floor rehabilitation, pre and post-operative urological and colorectal surgeries.

She is the author of Magical Multiple Moments, a collection of stories from Mom’s of multiples.  As a mother of triplets and two singletons, she is quite the expert in this area!  She enjoys skiing, hiking, running and ice-skating.  She is also an avid quilter.

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